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Friday , February 21 2020

MP Al-Tabtabaei files grilling motion against Works minister

MP Omar Al-Tabatabaei and Minister of Public Works and Minister of State for Housing Affairs Jinan Boushahri.

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 20: MP Omar Al-Tabatabaei has submitted an interpellation request against the Minister of Public Works and Minister of State for Housing Affairs Jinan Boushahri.

Therefore, the total number of interpellations submitted and scheduled to be addressed in the opening session of the fourth legislative term is currently two.

The MP explained that the interpellation consists of five grilling points. He intends to address the lax enforcement of laws and regulations on contractors working with the government on housing projects, which have resulted in the loss of considerable amounts of public funds and infrastructural disasters that led to the flood crisis.

He affirmed that he increased his supervision over the minister in a reasonable manner from October 2017 when he submitted his first parliamentary questions concerning these issues. Al-Tabatabaei said, since then a total of 23 questions and numerous dialogues were carried out, some of which were responded to, while others were simply ignored or returned with irrelevant and minimal responses.

He stressed that this interpellation is not an attempt for political gain but “it is a calculated step, comprehensively put together with solid support and evidence”, adding that the interpellation has been ready since August, and a number of MPs have already reviewed it. In another development, MP Abdullah Fahad described the political scene in the State of Kuwait as unhealthy, asserting that the government should get its priorities in line as tensions within the Cabinet is unacceptable. He explained that tensions within parliaments is not unheard of, as MPs sometimes disagree on viewpoints and opinions.

Therefore, parliamentary reform has become a priority which has lately been bearing fruit. Sadly, tensions between ministers are at a rise, and media outlets have been catching on. Therefore, the Cabinet as a whole must take responsibility and heed to the voice of reason, especially when these tensions is the main reason why state services, utilities and infrastructure are on a downward trajectory.

Regarding the influx of submitted and intended interpellations, Fahad stressed that these interpellations address old issues and cases that the government have failed to correct, and so MPs would be allowed to carry out their constitutional right and fulfill their parliamentary vows, while the government must take responsibility by facing the political consequence.

In addition, MP Safaa Al-Hashim voiced her discontent over what she described as “hidden committees”, which she claims have strong influence over the Parliament’s committee for state priorities and steer it in the direction it desires. She insisted that there is practically no point in coordinating and issuing reports on state priorities if political tides and influences could easily swoop and alter the directive on the account of parliamentary proposals, hindering any attempts for tangible progress.

Al-Hashim said if this assembly is truly determined to push state priorities through the pipelines, “then we should not allow outside forces to intervene with parliamentary procedures”.

By Ahmed Al-Naqeeb Arab Times Staff

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