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Mother sponsoring dependent visa for a 2 yr old child

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I am a female expat in Kuwait, I am working as a teacher. My salary will be KD 820. Will I able to get dependent visa for my 2 years old child? (I am not divorced, and my husband is not travelling with me.) Thank for your answer in advance.

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Answer: Under Kuwait law, it is only the man who can sponsor members of his family on dependent visa. This means that being a woman you cannot sponsor your two-year old child despite the fact that you meet the salary requirement of not less than KD 450 a month.

Despite the existence of the law in question, where women are allowed to sponsor their children on compassionate grounds. To take advantage of this however you first of all have to be in Kuwait after which you will be required to convince the Director- General of the General Directorate of Immigration on why you should be given a special dispensation to sponsor you child as a woman. This is by no means an easy task with a very high probability of failure than success.

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