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‘Mother of sanctions’ starts from tomorrow

THE countdown to the end of the Mullah regime starts tomorrow — the beginning of the implementation of the new American sanctions which can be called ‘mother of sanctions’.

The recent action of demonstrators — burning a ‘hawza’ or religious school where Shiite scholars are trained — portends what the arrogant peacock regime will face as it progresses towards the abyss. The regime has turned a deaf ear to the people and ignored the advice of a few friends and allies to join the road to normal relations with different countries.

Before the Mullah regime took over power, the ‘hawzas’ were respected by the people. Shah Muhammad Reda Pahlavi never had the courage to break into ‘hawzas’ which were once the base of the Khameini revolution. Setting fire to a ‘hawza’ means the demonstrators have lost faith in the Mullahs who, for the last 39 years, formed the corrupt class which has been feeding on the blood of citizens. This action means nothing is prohibited for the people, especially after the peacocks of the Persian clergy lost the bet on obtaining religious sympathy from citizens.

Today is not the time for the ‘mother of battles’ which Hassan Rouhani has bragged about to challenge the United States of America. The confrontation will not be limited to Iran on one side and the USA on the other side. It will be Iran opposite several countries and companies which will close the doors to starving Iranians whose fate is to pay a high price for the uncalculated risks of a group of stupid individuals who are still living in the Middle Age caves.

They are just like the European Church in the Middle Ages that ended due to popular outrage after committing a number of slaughters. The difference is that the world during the Middle Ages is not the world of today in terms of capability to enforce the international law on protecting innocent people living in a big jail just like the Iranians.

Tomorrow, the leaders of Persian political hallucination will not be able to claim any divine triumph. They will not be supported by ‘soldiers from heaven’ as they used to claim repeatedly.

Furthermore, they will not find anyone to support them including those who cost them $400 billion in Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Argentina and Palestine in addition to some African countries; simply because the mercenaries work for anyone who pays more. Since mercenary Hassan Nassrallah said once that the “honorable money is over,” the coming period will witness a bigger number of rats jumping from the sinking ship including those who sold their countries to the Mullahs for a few dimes.

The ‘mother of battles’ mentioned by Rouhani will be between the regime and the starving people who have not rested since the beginning of this year.

With the implementation of the first stage of the ‘mother of sanctions,’ the fire of anger will intensify; transforming all Iranian cities into erupting volcanoes spewing lava directly to the heads of the regime’s leaders and their beneficiaries. Tomorrow is not so far away.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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