Mostly sunny weather on Friday – Evening to be cool: Al-Bloushi

KUWAIT CITY, March 1, (KUNA): The weather in Kuwait on Friday would be mostly sunny with light variable wind and light to moderate northwesterly wind at speeds of 08- 28 km/h. The maximum expected temperatures would be between 24-26 degrees Celsius, says Meteorologist Yasser Al-Bloushi on Thursday.

The state of sea will be light to moderate, and waves between one to three feet. During the evening, the weather will be cool with light to moderate northwesterly winds between 8-20 km/h. The minimum temperature expected is between 12-14 degrees Celsius.

The sea state will be slight with waves at one to two feet. On Saturday, weather will be sunny, the expected maximum temperatures between 23-28 degrees Celsius. During the night, weather would be cool, with the minimum temperature expected between 15-18 degrees Celsius and the sea state is light with waves from one to three feet.

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