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Monopolists of terrorism

ALL of a sudden, we Arabs and Muslims have become the monopolists of terrorism and exporters of terroristic ideology. We have become the authorized suppliers of terrorists. We hardly opened our eyes to witness the defeat of the largest terrorist group of the modern age, namely DAESH. We know that the latter has nothing to do with true Islam.

However, we are surprised by stories about “lone wolves”. They were welcomed in the Western countries after they escaped from the injustice, dictatorship, poverty and civil wars in their motherlands. These lone wolves or freelancers do not need any explosives or weapons. All they need is a vehicle (manufactured by the West, which they consider as “atheist”) in order to run over some people whose bad luck placed them in the way of those individuals.

We have seen the bloody incidents caused by the Muslim “heroes”. We saw those who have been boasting about what they created and sent to meet their fate.

In the last two years, the world watched with shock the attacks using vehicles in Nice, Berlin, Stockholm and London. The latest incident in this regard occurred in Barcelona, resulting in the death of 14 people and injuries to 27 others. The perpetrator was killed last Monday and he deserves no mourning.

Those who have visited Barcelona — the capital city of Catalonia located near the Mediterranean Sea and the second largest Spanish city after Madrid — cannot leave without visiting Las Ramblas Street, which is considered as the thriving heart of Barcelona with its dynamic economy.

On Las Ramblas Street, one can witness various levels of tourism and experience art and beggary at the same time.

One may come across street artists impersonating various characters such as a soldier who was part of World War I, a Japanese soldier who left the horrible conditions of World War I and even Batman. You will also find them dressed as Pharaoh, Cleopatra, Dracula or even as characters from fairy tales such as “One Thousand and One Nights”. Tourists from all over the world can be seen on this street and enjoying the street shows.

It is in Barcelona where ancient history is reflected from its avenues and old buildings. It also seems as though this city breathes football. It is the land of the well-known football team called FC Barcelona, also known as “Barca Team”.

In the midst of such a friendly cultural atmosphere, a lightheaded Arab Muslim, who was hosted by that country after he was dismissed from his own, unfortunately decided to kill some innocent people and cause injuries to even more, as well as kill the owner of the car which was used for perpetuating the crime.

How then can we blame these societies when they are suspicious about any individual with Arab or Muslim traits? How can we expect them to stop linking us to terrorism when we have become the monopolists of terrorism?

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By Ali Al-Baghli – Former Minister of Oil

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