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MoI busts bogus domestic labor office – Ten Ethiopians arrested for swindling people

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KUWAIT CITY, May 2: Officers from the Residency Security Affairs Department in the Interior Ministry arrested a gang of 10 Ethiopians for swindling Kuwaitis and expatriates through a bogus domestic labor office, in addition to providing shelter to absconding domestic workers and finding jobs for them in an illegal manner.

In a press statement, the Public Relations and Security Media Department revealed the arrest happened after the security officers received information on the illegal activities of the gang. The suspects were put under surveillance and their apartment was raided as soon as the tip-off was confirmed. Results of initial investigations showed that the suspects forged receipts and stamps. They were also found to have violated the Residency Law and some of them are involved in other cases. Meanwhile, officers from the Residency Affairs Investigation General Department in the Interior Ministry arrested an Arab for trading in visas.

In a press statement, the Public Relations and Security Media General Department disclosed that the arrest happened after its residency affairs counterpart received information about the illegal activity of the Arab. Initial investigations revealed the suspect sells visas through social media platforms with the assistance of some company representatives (‘mandoubs’). An entrapment ensued, leading to his arrest in Farwaniya. During interrogation, the suspect admitted the crime saying he receives a certain amount for each passport he hands over to companies that obtain visas according to the manpower quota system. Investigations are continuing to identify the companies involved in this scam and to take legal action against them.

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