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Mohammed VI … Sun of loyalty that rises in Morocco

Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

NORMALLY, the Sun sets in the West, but the Sun of loyalty sets in Morocco. Brotherly ties, unity and self-determination are considered the foundations of the vision of GCC’s sister Kingdom, because their relationship is based on common concerns and interests. This is in addition to the fact that Morocco is blessed with leaders who tread on the unity path to ensure stability of the entire Arab world, such that the economic heavyweight States are stable politically and economically.

This is the conclusion made by those who closely follow up the speeches of King Mohammed VI who is keen on completing whatever King Hassan II started in internal, Arabian and international levels. The Kingdom managed to overcome a critical phase, when the international saboteurs put it on the Arab Spring list, through its rational vision based on the legacy to maintain intimate and friendly relations between the King and the people. This was also made possible through daily monitoring of people’s concerns and interests as the leader prioritizes the interests of the homeland over any other interests.

Morocco is the ‘Golden Gate’ of Arabs to the ‘black continent’ as it is the gate of Africa to the Arab world; hence, the real exchange between the two civilizations goes through this gate.

Therefore, when it sets sight on this part of the Arab world, it is heading towards the right direction. This necessitates everyone to ponder on the statement of King Mohammed VI who has high intellectual and cultural stature. He said the Moroccan-Gulf partnership is not the result of circumstantial interests and incidental accounts, because it gets its strength from the belief in the importance of shared willpower and points of view on issues of mutual concern. He underscored the fact that partnerships emerged through unity in dealing with various situations throughout the past decades.

Certainly, the summit, as the Moroccan King described it, is being held under difficult circumstances that pose a threat to the remaining stable countries in the region. Since the region has remarkable leaders, these countries will not fall into the trap; they will remain as effective venues for formation of power in preventing the spread of fire in their borders. They will play the role of firemen with the ability to extinguish fire caused by volcanoes erupting in several Arab countries.

We can describe the Moroccan King’s speech as a decisive response to the clear and straightforward question, “What do they want from us?” He summarized everything that lingers in the minds of those searching for clear answers to many questions raised in the past five years.

Given that the question is passive and its subject has been ignored, the King presented his explanations as he pointed out the bodies which set eyes on the region. It is then unacceptable to run behind illusions in resisting the destruction project and we were all partners in resisting it.

He is also a person striving towards peace and he is fully aware of the strong will which defeats the ‘uproar’ against Morocco that usually emerges in the month of April in the United Nations Security Council. The Sahraoui issue is not a local matter, it is rather an Arab issue as reflected in the solidarity march which started in 1975 with the participation of delegates from GCC countries. The support of GCC countries will continue as long as the world is round and the Sun continues to rise.

Mohammed VI did not only amaze us through his speech, but he also set the features of the coming period — when everyone is obliged to contemplate on the whole issue and work hand in hand to prevent any spark from the volcanoes from reaching our country.

Indeed, the speech of the suitable, loyal and determined King will never fade. It will strengthen the partnership — a partnership of hearts that beat together, not a partnership of destiny and blood.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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