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Mohammad VI’s unique bond with his subjects

Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

KING MOHAMMAD VI revived the vision when he reactivated the royal revolution, led by his grandfather, against colonialists. This is due to his close contact with citizens, enabling him to feel their pulse as well as address the issues concerning them and the nation in general.

In a speech he delivered on the occasion of the 63rd anniversary of the revolution, the King pointed out the pedestals upon which the revolution stands as a principle for future works. He wants Moroccans, the babies of that revolution, to live up to this message of orientation by expressing the reality of its culture and religion through adherence to its brilliant values and traditions in dealing with the strange extremism phenomenon. He wants them to always be at the forefront of protecting peace, harmony and co-existence in whichever country they may be.

It is true that King Mohammad VI unveiled action plans in his speech, but this time, he put everything in the right perspective concerning the roles of Arabs generally and Morocco in particular within the global community. This is to ensure that the campaign to tarnish the image of Islam and Muslims does not transform into a plot for tyranny to generate feelings of hatred and isolation, while preventing them from contributing to the growth of countries where they migrated due to the actions of those he referred to as “wayward groups.” He affirmed that terrorists using Islam as a cover are not Muslims and they have no link with the religion other than motives which they are using as justifications for their crimes and gullibility.

Carrying out the vision towards the roles of Moroccans and Arabs remains fundamental in the ideology of the Moroccan King who did not wait for the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ or real talk with bad intention before embarking on actual restructuring of democracy in his country. He organized a comprehensive workshop to consolidate citizens’ participation in the massive development project whose main objective is humanity as it aims to encourage citizens to be responsible. This alone shut the doors in front of the wind of destruction borne by the ‘Horizon Spring’.

In his speech on the 63rd anniversary of the revolution of the King and the people, Mohammad VI shed light on the perennial problems of the African continent. He underscored how the Kingdom of Morocco in the last decades assumed the role of the carrier of knowledge, not just an investor looking for quick profit.

From the beginning, the King has realized that the problems of African nations, such as backwardness, poverty, immigration, wars, conflicts, despair and getting absorbed by extremist and terrorist groups, are the results of disastrous policies adopted through colonization since decades ago.

If the revolution of 1953 liberated the Moroccans from the colonialists, the Kingdom today is concerned with extending its virtues to the continent. The Afro-Morocco partnership resulted in several big projects like the pharmaceutical industry in which this Arab North African nation has become a pioneer in developing countries.

It is worth mentioning that Moroccans are a friendly and tolerant people. They have a king who tirelessly searches for what makes his people get results and achievements on all levels despite the limited abilities. The King spends most of his time — whether in Morocco or outside — with his people, to be familiarized with their needs. This helped in achieving miraculous development whose fruits are clear for anyone who visits Morocco.

This is Mohammad VI who always longs for the future and works hard to present possibilities in order to achieve what the people desire, believing in their country and their King. Together, they have created a unique bond between the ruler and the ruled.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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