Thursday , February 22 2018

MoH bans its doctors working in private hospitals – Doctors not allowed to advertise his/her services

KUWAIT CITY, May 30: Minister of Health has barred doctors working in the health centers and hospitals of the private sector from “advertising” their services.

The ministry, through its Department of Medical Licensing, sent a letter to the managers of all health centers, clinics and hospitals of the private sector as well as to owners of private clinics, stating that, “It is not allowed for a doctor to advertise his/her services in any way”.

The letter was based on Decision No. 6/2017 which was issued during the medical licensing committee’s meeting held last March. It was concerning the importance of observing the laws of article 10 of the Law No. 25/1981 related to exercising medical and dentistry professions and other allied professions included in the law.

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