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MoE sets up new rules – ‘Transfer principals after 10 years’

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KUWAIT CITY, March 20: The Minister of Education, Higher Education and Scientific Research Dr. Ali Al-Mudhaf has issued a decision regarding the controls for transferring school principals and assistant principals, reports Al-Anba daily. The decision stated the maximum limit for principals and assistant principals to stay in the same school is ten consecutive years from the date they assume their duties, after which they must be transferred to another school, without prejudice to the administrative authority’s right and discretion to transfer or delegate any of its employees in accordance with the requirements of the work and public interest.

Also, the school principals and assistant principals who have reached the maximum number of years of stay in the same school shall be transferred as of September 1 of each academic year. Every principal and assistant principal who completes the maximum number of years of stay in the same school during an academic year shall remain in his work position until the end of that year unless the work interest requires otherwise.

The aforementioned provisions of the decision shall be applied after referring it to the Assistant Undersecretary for Public Education to approve the transfer procedure in accordance with what he deems appropriate in line with the requirements of the work interest. This decision shall be effective from the date of its issuance, and all decisions that contradict it shall be repealed. The competent authorities shall implement this decision and act according to it

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