Monday , September 24 2018

‘Missing girl ill, in hospital’ – ‘Kuwaitis treated well in Bosnia’

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 15: “Since the arrival of our Kuwaiti brothers in Bosnia and Herzegovina for tourism purposes, there have been no incidents or problems. I can say with pride that the Kuwaitis are behaving respectfully and responsibly. They are also treated kindly every day with good reception and affection by the Bosnian people”, reports Al-Rai daily quoting the Bosnian Ambassador to Kuwait.

The ambassador explained, “However, some minor incidents so occur usually due to misunderstanding over the system or the nature. The disappearance of a Kuwaiti girl and her inability to communicate with her family for 48 hours provoked many rumors, speculation and illusions. There were even rumors that she was abducted or is a victim of gangs and other rumors.

In fact, the Bosnian security authorities reacted seriously once they received a report about the girl’s disappearance. However, within a very short time, the Bosnian police tracked her location. She was in a good condition. It seems the girl, while she was walking by herself, felt tired due to high blood sugar level.

Some Bosnian citizens then helped her and took her to a hospital where she stayed until she recovered. She was then identified and is now with her family and in good condition”. The ambassador concluded by saying, “In short, Bosnian citizens helped the girl and did not kidnap her, because kidnapping and assaulting tourists and guests is not part of the culture of Bosnians”.

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