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Wednesday , October 27 2021

Ministry vows to review all fake certificates

‘Kuwaiti missions abroad at work’

KUWAIT CITY, March 6: The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Higher Education Dr Sabih Al-Mukhaizeem said the issue of the false education certifi- cates is still being looked into, reports Al-Anba daily.

He added the ministry’s offices affiliated to Kuwaiti missions in Los Angeles, Washington, London, Bahrain, Jordan and Egypt are working on the authenticity of these certificates said to have been issued by the respective universities in those countries. He pointed out that there are a number of certificates that are discovered periodically. He added, just a few days back three false certificates were discovered and were referred for investigation before the Attorney General. He stressed, the work is continuing and the ministry will not remain idle until the certificates are reviewed in full.

Al-Mukhaizeem said reviewing the certificates will not be completed in a week or a month, especially since there are thousands of certificates with the ministry and other certificates with the Civil Service Commission. Al-Mukhaizeem pointed out that the decision taken by the concerned authorities in the Arab Republic of Egypt to accept expatriates in Egyptian universities without the approval of the cultural offices is the decision of the government of Egypt concerning all students including those from other countries.

However, he stressed with regard to Kuwaiti students, he said it is necessary that the students follow the ministerial decisions and fulfill all the requirements, including the need for the student to obtain the approval of the Cultural Office before proceeding for higher studies in a concerned country. He pointed out that the main purpose of the regulation is to guide the student to what is required, and accordingly, the degree will be recognized if all the requirements stipulated in the regulations are met. On the other hand, Al- Mukhaizeem pointed out that the rate of acceptance of students applying to foreign missions has not changed so far and continue on the same acceptance rates that were in the past years at the Ministry of Higher Education.

On the establishment of a new list of the universities of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Al-Mukhaizeem said that the origin of the work is that there be a review of the lists of universities and disciplines accredited in all countries and it is done periodically and cannot put a list of accredited disciplines in universities that are fixed for a long period of time, Reassessment and then make decisions based on evaluation findings.

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