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Ministry tightens control over vegetable, fruit market as price of onions stabilizes

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‘Vegetables, eggs, fruits, dates, grapes available’

KUWAIT CITY, March 30: Ministry of Commerce and Industry has implemented measures to control the sale of onions in the Vegetables and Fruits Market, in light of the high demand for this commodity, to prevent exploitation by merchants, reports Al- Rai daily. In this regard, the ministry has set the price of onion at 325 fils per kilogram, besides monitoring the prices of all kinds of vegetables to prevent exploitation. As usual, the streets surrounding Al-Fordah Vegetables and Fruits Market have been congested with cars entering through the main gate to the point that security barriers are placed to prevent crowds trooping into the market. This is part of the procedures followed by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry with Wafer Company, which is committed to managing the barrier to ensure the safety of shoppers.

On a visit to the market Saturday morning, the daily was notified about the level of cooperation among the Ministries of Interior, Commerce and Industry, and the Vegetables Market Security Department allowing 50 cars to enter at a time to ensure a balance between cars that come out and those entering.

One gate was specified for entry and another for exit, while setting a thermometer at the entrance to ensure the safety of shoppers.

All types of goods were available, including vegetables, fruits, eggs, dates, grapes and all other items. It was noted that few quantities of onions are offered in the market, the daily added. Upon inquiry, vegetable supplier identified as Reza Behzad affirmed that the Ministry of Commerce and Industry organized the sale of onions by setting the price at 325 fils per kilo, thus the price of 16 kilogram sack of onion remains 4.750 dinars to prevent manipulation of price and unjustified increase due to lack of supply. Behzad explained that 8 truckloads of an estimated 210 tons of onion were emptied to the market that day to cover the needs of consumers, noting that onions are imported from India and the trucks to Kuwait were delayed due to the comprehensive ban.

The cooperative societies and restaurants were prevented from increasing supplies, he noted, stressing the availability of imported items will reduce prices for all types of vegetables and fruits, including onions. However, stopping the import with an increase in demand for onions will raise prices.

He revealed that there’s serious competition from other countries to obtain vegetables, fruits and onions from its sources at prices more expensive than Kuwait. Director of Jahra Inspection Department Dr Nawaf Al-Anazi assured people that all items offered for sale in the Vegetables and Fruits Market are clean and safe for human consumption.

He revealed that the Ministry of Commerce and Industry is doing its part to monitor prices and punish violators immediately. He praised the administration of Vegetables and Fruits Market for their commitment to the decisions of the Council of Ministers to take necessary precautions to sterilize the buildings, while examining shoppers and workers before entering the market.

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