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Ministry of Information rejects BBC fabrications

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 2: The Kuwaiti Ministry of Information on Thursday rebuffed the fabrications and allegations of a BBC Arabic show on Kuwait’s sovereignty. The ministry regretted and condemned, in a press statement, that BBC presenter Rania Al-Attar’s program “Trending” had fabricated allegations about the historical sovereignty of the State of Kuwait, which violated professional rules and distorted historical facts. “Such false claims and serious mistakes are utterly unacceptable, especially when this comes from an international media outlet, which is supposed to observe professional criteria and to clarify, not distort, facts,” the ministry said.

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Information wondered about the timing of such claims, which coincided with the 28th anniversary of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. The Ministry of Information has the right to pursue any entity or institution that deliberately commits this historical distortion, the statement concluded.

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