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Wednesday , August 10 2022

‘Ministry of Education replacing expats is part of national strategy’ – ‘Residents redundant at 60 years age’

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Assistant Undersecretary of Administrative Affairs at the Ministry of Education Fahad Al-Ghais

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 17: Assistant Undersecretary for Administrative Affairs in the Ministry of Education Fahad Al- Ghais said the sector forwarded all files related to teaching job applications to the Department of Public Education after closure of application submission.

Al-Ghais explained the department usually reviews applications before commencing interviews. He stressed that applications are accepted based on certain conditions and regulations set down by Public Education Sector and Civil Service Commission (CSC).

He noted the issue of replacing expatriate workers with Kuwaitis is not peculiar to the Ministry of Education but covers the entire country through CSC, and this is not the first time CSC is requesting for the replacement of expatriates.

He stated the plan has been presented since many years in all ministries and departments, including the Ministry of Education. He also said the sector has since been looking into the need to inform concerned CSC on the decision to take up various specialties.

He reiterated the quota of replacement demanded by CSC will be communicated to the appropriate departments for implementation as per laid down plans, adding the replacement policy will be implemented depending on subjects which a large number of Kuwaitis can handle, citing elementary level subjects that were modified to suit the replacement plan of the commission.

He affirmed the decision affects those who have served for 34 years and above, as well as non-Kuwaitis exceeding age 60. He reaffirmed the policy does not target the Ministry of Education but covers all ministries and departments.

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