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Ministry of Education to end the services of 1,500 expats beginning next semester

Dept of Human Resources sends list of names to employees

KUWAIT CITY, March 3: Ministry of Education has yielded to the request of Civil Service Commission (CSC) to terminate the appointment of 1,500 expatriates who are currently working as teachers, service executors, and social and psychological researchers from the beginning of next semester.

The daily quoting a source noted the ministry succumbed to the demand after months of efforts to balance application of the Kuwaitization policy in some specialties due to insufficient staff, especially where there’s inadequate number of Kuwaitis to cover vacancies.

He said the Department of Human Resources has already sent the list of names of affected employees to educational affairs administrations and the Directorate for Social and Psychological Services prelude to the notification of staff via official letters.

He explained that specialties included in the replacement policy are those with excess number of teachers where Kuwaitis can replace outgoing ones, citing Islamic Studies, Science, Social Studies and Computer. He stated some educational areas started notifying the affected employees before the National Days holiday to allow them carry out necessary procedures on time. He affirmed that social and psychological workers are deficient by almost 300 staff, and inadequate number of those workers did not deter Civil Service Commission from demanding the termination of their appointments. He revealed entreaties to delay the policy were jettisoned.

Secretary General of the Government and Manpower Reconstructing Program (GMRP) Fawzi Al-Madjali disclosed that the sector in cooperation of Civil Service Commission (CSC) keeps collecting funds received illegally by citizens from August 2009 to December 2016, reports Al- Jarida daily. He added most of the citizens who received service allowances illegally are presently employed in public sector, and GMRP has been coordinating with CSC to deduct the sums from their salaries. Al-Madjali quoting the State Audit Bureau affirmed that some 6,195 citizens who claimed to be employed by private sector benefited from a total of KD 77.843 million illegally from August 2009 to December 2016. He noted a large portion of the sum has been collected within the last two years through keenness of GMRP to implement strict measures that will lead to a significant reduction in the phenomenon.


By Rana Salem Al-Seyassah Staff

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