Sunday , February 17 2019

Some ministries said inked contracts with expatriates – Subcontractors’

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 13: An official document, which Al-Anba daily obtained a copy indicates that some ministries have signed contracts with expatriates through specialist companies labeled as ‘subcontractors’ to fill vacancies in the event of shortage created by the departure of highlyexperienced Kuwaiti and expatriate employees who leave their positions for better opportunities in some independent institutions or recently established organizations or major private sector companies.

The document shows official institutions spend about KD 1.6 million per annum in hiring new expatriate employees through 21 contracts signed with 17 companies. It noted the institutions have signed contracts with companies and not individuals, indicating the workers receive their salaries from the contractors and not directly from the official bodies. The contracts are worth KD 133 thousand monthly.

It revealed that some official institutions suffer from mass exodus of employees looking for bigger salaries and better benefits in other sectors. They include Kuwaitis and expatriates specialized in information technology, accounting, engineering, administration, law and training. It is worthy of note that contracts between the official bodies and companies were signed upon the approval of monitoring bodies such as Central Agency for Public Tenders, Fatwa and Legislation Department, State Audit Bureau, and Civil Service Commission (CSC).

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