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Ministers’ fatal mistakes


Veteran MP Adnan Abdul-Samad said the average per capita income in the oil sector is 7,177 dinars, or more than 23,000 dollars per month, compared to the average monthly salary which does not exceed 1,493 dinars or about 5,000 dollars for other employees of state ministries.

The reason for this huge difference is the fatal error caused by the former oil minister, Muhammad Mohsen Al-Busairi, who represented the Muslim Brotherhood movement in the ministry, almost ten years ago when he issued a decision to increase the salaries of the oil sector enormously claiming unjustly that the increase will not be at the expense of the public fund but will be taken from the assets of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation.

This decision put the entire state in a dilemma given the size of the tragedy. The  government will not be able to raise the salaries of the rest of its employees to bring them close to the salaries of workers in the oil sector and after all these years was not able to reduce the salaries of employees in the oil sector to bring them on par with the salaries of state employees. How can we find a solution to this financial crime in a beautiful, small country which is not worth being in this predicament?

It is strange that Al-Busairi did what he wanted to do and left the ministry. No one in the government took the pain to ask about the consequences of his decision or even blame him and the problem is still in its infancy and will inevitably have serious social and financial consequences.

The second mistake, which cost the state a lot at the social and educational level, is related to the miserable decision taken by one of the best ministers, the late Sheikh Saud Al-Nasser when he took over the Ministry of Oil portfolio.

Sheikh Saud found out that the Japanese company which digs the wells, manages and exports the oil of the neutral zone, granted scholarships to outstanding students and sent them to Western countries, especially America, to specialize in various fields which the government did not encourage anyone to study outside the fields of medicine, pharmacy and engineering.

The late Sheikh Saud stopped the scholarship system altogether and deprived thousands of this semi-free service which did not cost the state budget a lot.

The third of these fatal mistakes which cost the nation billions and will cost more materially, morally and even ethically does not even appear on the horizon. It is the decision of segregation in education at the time of late Education Minister Dr Ahmad Al-Rubei who kept silent and did not protest against the decision, neither during voting or thereafter. We write this for history. These erroneous decisions and dozens of others have contributed to the backwardness of the state on more than one level.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

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