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Thursday , March 30 2023

Mind and heart of greater benefactor

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The “BOT (build-operate-transfer) management contract” for one of the plots of the Sabhan storage area with the managing company has expired and the land together with facilities have been returned to the Public Authority Industry. One of the beneficiaries in the area’s stores discovered that the managing company had removed all the electricity meters and kept the electric current connected to all the stores free of charge.

This beneficiary’s sense of responsibility prompted him to reject the situation, not only because it represented a theft of public money, but also for his immorality, and he informed the Ministry of Electricity officials of the matter but they ignored him. The beneficiary did not despair, but rather increased his efforts, facing great difficulties and found someone to advise him to leave the situation as it is as long as he benefits from free electric current, but he insisted on a hard journey of torment that took him effort and time in reviewing dozens of officials over the years, and he was eventually forced to pay an amount of approximately 30 thousand dinars to make new plans for the area and for the electricity for each store, in addition to the fees for installing meters and insurance all in order to satisfy his conscience and amend an illegal and immoral situation after the loss of tens of millions of dinars in public money.

The topic of this article will surprise some of the exploiters of that plots in Sabhan, who have been receiving electricity for free for years and the situation could have continued forever had it not been for my intervention. The above words seem a form of imagination, or delusion, in the sea of corruption and indifference in which society lives. Everyone wants to plunder, everyone wants a villa and a chalet, everyone wants a livestock pen and an industrial plot, and everyone wants a farm in Abdali or Wafra!

It is therefore strange that a citizen would accept to pursue a case that is physically and psychologically exhausting and financially expensive, and for four years, without getting tired or bored, in order to rest psychologically! What prompted him to do this? And what is his interest? In the end, he will have to pay a high price to modify an incorrect situation, and will then be forced to pay for the consumption of electric current that he was getting free of charge. Witnesses to the above talk, and to all this government neglect, are former undersecretary of the Ministry of Electricity, Muhammad Bushehri, current undersecretary Jassem Al-Nouri, and a number of other undersecretaries who did not make enough effort to solve the problem.

The current Minister of Electricity, Mishaan Al-Otaibi, knows and but for his intervention and assistance, as well as the intervention and support of the Minister of Justice and Deputy Prime Minister, the honorable brother Abdullah Al-Roumi, and the efforts of the Public Authority for Industry, represented by the Director-General, and engineer Khaled Khater, the file of this issue would not have been closed and the great savings would not have been achieved.
Whoever disrupts the interests of citizens is a corrupt employee, even if he has never stolen a dinar and the list of this example is long.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

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