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‘Migrants must adopt Europe standards of civilized conduct’ – ‘Eveteasing rife in Mideast societies’

Dr-Khaled-AljenfawiAccording to a report by Al-Shahed daily, “Farwaniya Security Director Brigadier Saleh Al-Enezi has ordered to shave the heads of molesters and harassers to serve as a deterrent for others. According to security sources, several complaints were lodged by families about facing harassment by youths in public markets and commercial malls. Brigadier Al-Enezi then ordered to deploy security teams in popular markets and malls to catch such youths and shave their heads as punishment.

They revealed that this decision was applied on some teenagers who were caught misbehaving in a popular mall in Al-Rai area” (Feb 5, 2016). Whether the recent report about the shaving of eveteasers’ heads is accurate or otherwise, the problem of eveteasing seems to happen only in Middle Eastern societies! According to Wikipedia, eveteasing is “a form of sexual aggression that ranges in severity from sexually suggestive remarks, brushing in public places and catcalls to outright groping.” European laws categorize any form of eveteasing as sexual harassment.

However, I have always wondered whether the influx of asylum seekers would change the face of Europe over time! In fact, when one reflects about the recent sexual harassment crimes committed in Cologne, Germany, one wonders whether we will witness the rise of other “imported” types of Middle Eastern crimes.

In other words, accepting an unprecedented influx of mostly economic migrants into Western societies is a mixed package. In addition to facing great difficulties in assimilating the newly arrived into the mainstream Western culture, European governments for example, need to tackle new kinds of social problems, created by the presence of so many non-European individuals, some of whom might not adhere to local laws and regulations.

It is sometimes difficult however for a typical Western mind to understand fully the implications of eveteasing in the ME. For instance, in Western democratic societies, sexually harassing women in private or public places is a punishable crime.

However, in the Middle East, there is a general tendency to use sometimes euphemisms to describe some anti-women behaviors. For example, some media coverage in some parts of the Arab world tend to rephrase sexually harassing women in public through insisting on describing such behaviors as “eve-teasing,” a rewording used to cover the horrible realities of such sexual crimes.

The recent sexual crimes allegedly committed by some Arab or ME asylum seekers in Cologne (Germany) may perhaps reveal a deeper Middle-Eastern psychological problem: the inability or perhaps the unwillingness of some migrants to adjust and adapt to the mainstream European standard behaviors of civil conduct.

Twitter: @aljenfawi1969
By Khaled Aljenfawi

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