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MEW gears up to launch ‘finger’ attendance soon

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Around 2/3 staff register personal data

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 2: The fingerprint team of the Ministry of Electricity and Water (MEW) is preparing to develop a plan to launch the fingerprint attendance system in 2022 within a maximum of one month, according to the terms of the contract with the executing company, reports Al-Anba daily.

According to informed sources from the ministry, the number of employees from whom fingerprint data was obtained exceeds 450 per day. The number of employees whose data was updated was 19,800 out of 27,000. It would be impossible for those who failed to register their data in the new system to record his or her attendance and departure after all the old devices are replaced.

The fingerprint team is currently assessing the situation for 21 sites, including the main building, which has been operated. So far, no problems or malfunctions have been recorded. The sources also announced the start of the experiment of the smart fingerprint system or the phone fingerprint system. They explained that the application of its experiment was limited to 20 employees who were selected at the ministry level by the fingerprint team to test the system and work on developing and designing it in order for it to be appropriate and user friendly.

The application is to be downloaded on the employee’s phone as a tracking system that is linked to the fingerprint attendance devices that monitor the attendance and absence of employees. So far, 30 devices have been installed in the main building and 25 in external sites. Field teams have been formed by the fingerprint team and the executing company to visit the sites throughout the day to ensure the devices have been activated, and to inspect the device and the system. The devices and system would be linked to the fingerprint team’s helpdesk system.

An alarm signal and an email will be sent to the fingerprint team in the presence of any malfunction. This was activated and tested so that the team and the company would be fully prepared in the event of any malfunctions. The sites where the system was operated were chosen by the team, which are central departments of some external departments, and they would be the starting point for the gradual operation of the project. The sources added that the main office of the fingerprint team from the executing company has been equipped with the necessary devices, civil works and required extensions to the network, and has been prepared for gradual operation after the site operation process.

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