Me and the Interior Ministry


Because of my nature and for many other reasons, I don’t do not befriend the personnel of the Ministry of Interior in spite of the fact that there are among them those who deserve a lot of love and respect. Not only that, I am not pleased with the way the security establishment works and the methods adopted to arrest violators, or those who asked to arrest them. If we talk about this issue we can go on and on.

The security establishment that cannot live in peace without its men and its organs did not disappoint my guess that I judged it wrongly for over half a century — an example of idleness and penetration.

But, I can say, with a bit of hesitation and caution that this institution has begun a few months ago a kind of uprising to clean its reputation of over the decades from the poor, striving to develop itself, men, equipment and methods, and this is what has become a reality for many who can literally touch with their hands and see with their own eyes.

The idleness has seeped into all departments and caused many problems for us. Take for example, the traffic which is the primary issue. And there are those which need to be taken serious note of such as the ‘confiscation of number plates and the accompanying fine’ in order to learn a lesson.

On the other hand there are those who exploit their office and abuse their position in the Ministry as a result of which they bring disrepute to the institution and the state. Their behavior actually needs to be closely monitored and their telephone calls with the citizens and residents recorded in order to prevent injustice being done or at least reduce the degree of injustice and the punishment, so they do not oppress others but fall in line with security systems of the world.

The Ministry of Interior must also admit that it is unable to impose security control over the airport, or any other security facility but always seeks foreign expertise, a matter which deserves respect and is a right step in the right direction because you learn from the experiences of others.

The Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education, local banks and even the Ministry of Awqaf seek the expertise from outside the country. It is not wrong at all. Major companies in Japan like (Datsun) seek the help of experienced French administrators of Lebanese origin in order to save it from bankruptcy.

The Ministry of Interior, with all its men and women, including His Excellency the Minister and even the youngest employee at the airport immigration office deserves praise for their efforts to prevent the escape of the wanted, the arrest of major drug traffickers and smugglers of currency and money launderers. Such crimes have devastating effect on the country and cannot be underestimated.

We also hope the Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister, and the Undersecretary of the Ministry will exert maximum effort to encourage senior officers at the Ministry to be sincere to their work and clean because they are well known.

We also wish the Ministry will make use of the expertise of the young people who have neither tribal nor sectarian tendencies; I think it is not difficult to know them. They should be employed in the IT sector and they should be sent either to Dubai or London on scholarships. If we do this it will not belittle us.

The Ministry of Interior that has sustained decades of negligence has now embarked on the stage of articulated evolution. It has all the potential for success — the budget and equipment, and most importantly, sincere men.

Note: The Ministry of Health has issued an unstudied decision with respect to making medical test mandatory for domestic workers each time they renew their residence permit. A catastrophe happened and the dilapidated management was not able to deal with the mess. The Minister of Interior took a humanitarian decision and cancelled that decision indefinitely. This is real Kuwait.


By Ahmad Al-Sarraf

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