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Thursday , February 27 2020

Mazen Al-Tarazi set free without bail

Mazen Al-Tarazi

KUWAIT CITY: Businessman and journalist Mazen Al-Tarazi was released Thursday afternoon after 4 days in detention, which is the legal period allowed for a person under investigation to be held in detention. He was released without bail and no charges filed against him and his assistants who were equally arrested during the raid on Al-Hadaf Magazine premises on Monday.

The security operatives searched Al-Hadaf building where they picked some electronic gadgets, while the operation was widely reported in the local and Arab media, besides it going viral on social media.

The main pivot of the story was concocted lies, as several bloggers have raised unfounded allegations in the past against notable personalities in the country, which clearly damaged their reputations and defamed their personalities.

Editor-in-Chief of the Arab Times and Al-Seyassah newpapers, owner of Al-Hadaf Magazine, Dean of Kuwait Journalism Ahmad Al-Jarallah said that the company will deal with false information and fabrications that were circulated within the past days and handle them legally.

He added that a team of lawyers have been assigned by the company to file legal suits against any media house, website and bloggers, and whoever circulates false information in that regard

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