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May salaries for govt sector ready

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KUWAIT CITY, May 18: Local banks have started depositing salaries and financial privileges for the month of May into the accounts of government sector employees.

Sources confirmed the banks are working hard to deposit salaries immediately after receiving the salary statements from government institutions, such that salaries of all employees in the sector will be deposited within this week — before the Eid Al-Fitr holiday.

Sources added the banks also deposited the social allowance for graduates. Meanwhile , the Minister of Public Works and Housing Dr Rana Al-Faris clarified that the decision to postpone the collection of Kuwait Credit Bank (KCB) installments covers only those who obtained loans from the bank.

She affirmed the decision guarantees that the postponed monthly installments will not increase and this applies to all types of loans obtained from KCB. It has been reported that about 150,000 citizens shall benefit from the decision and total amount of postponed installments is estimated at KD 100 million.

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