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Manslayers are descendants of Abbas Shah

Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

THE present-day Iran should be a country of freedom and openness; not tyranny, torture and incitement of religious fanaticism. This is based on the experience of the 110-year-old constitution, particularly when the 1906 revolution enforced the first advanced constitution.

However, it is unfortunate to note that activities of the Mullah regime are the exact replicas of what transpired during the Safawi era in the 17th century when the greed of Safawi monarchs sparked the hundred years of war with Ottomans under the religion slogan, but the real intention was simply expansion.

Since 1979, the peacocks’ fantasy regime has been reviving the activities and slogans of Shah Abbas — the most renowned tyrannical and cruel ruler of that era. He waged wars based on the impression that Al-Mahdi Al-Mutazer was about to surface. Today, we see the worst form of extremism in the Mullah regime repeating the same statement, that blood and killing will hasten providing “comfort to the absentia Imam”.

Without a doubt, the current picture is not different from what was seen in 15th century Europe or 17th century Iran. The clergymen took advantage of political disputes to consolidate their influence on the people during the hundred years of war between France and Britain. They embarked on expansion campaigns under the slogan, “Crusade war and restoration of Christ’s tomb”. In those days, some groups raised a slogan similar to the one being raised by Tehran now, be it consolidation or rigid anti-knowledge concepts or sectarian discrimination.

Since the Mullah regime took over the reins of power in Iran; the killing, oppression, torture, expulsion and gagging of mouths started. They linked those activities to any opposition against the government which they regard as ‘Divine’. They created religious perspectives that are far from Islam and Arab Shiite ideologies.

The Mullah regime started its reign in Iran with an eight-year war of revenge against Iraq. At the same time, it interfered in the internal affairs of Lebanon, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Iraq and Syria under the ‘revolution export’ slogan. This is in addition to slogans on protection of Shiite prestige that never existed throughout the centuries.

The Mullah regime did not need any protection in Al-Sham where the sanctuary of Zainab bint Ali (may Allah be pleased with her) is located and in Iraq where many Shiite sanctuaries are located, because those places have always been protected by the Sunni citizens of those countries.

Because of this, whenever we talk about the current Persian expansion project; it exists in ethics, speeches, positions and activities of the Tehran regime. This regime has been trying to impose its will on the Arab Shiites while the latter are avoiding and strongly opposing it as reflected in the massive demonstrations in South Iraq cities against Khomeini, demanding for an end to Iran’s interference in Iraq.

Today, we see Maryam Najwa — the Jeanne d’Arc of Iran. This is what I meant yesterday, because enduring the candle of popular revolution will rescue Iran from the medieval dark tunnels to end the government of those who killed their victims whose funerals they attended. They even demanded for revenge, which is a replica of their position against Saudi Arabia that they often attack and accuse of being responsible for massacres in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen.

Yes, as the history pages of Shah Abbas and other bloody rulers have been flipped over, there is no doubt that the current Iranian opposition will turn over the page of the Mullah regime for Iran to regain its smooth sail and contributions to civilization.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times



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