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Man must only pay car’s rent, not total price: court

KUWAIT CITY, April 1: The Commercial Appeals Court chaired by Judge Dr Senhat Al-Mutairi upheld the ruling of the Court of First Instance and cleared a Kuwaiti man from the obligation of KD 6,147 promissory note signed to rent a Mercedes Benz. The court again nullified another verdict issued by a lower court that ordered the defendant to pay KD 4,305 in the same case. On behalf of the defendant, Lawyer Hashim Al-Refa’e said his client had rented a new model Mercedes Benz, which crashed beyond repair two days later. Prior to the traffic accident, the defendant had signed a promissory note on a blank sheet with hope of retrieving it after returning the car. The company demanded the man should pay KD 6,147 plus value of the difference in the price of the car (KD 18,225) from the total sum of KD 20,250. Report of the Experts Department nullified the claim and insisted the man should pay only KD 2,380 (value of the rent) since the car is covered by a comprehensive insurance.

Post for deserving: The Administrative Circuit of the Court of First Instance has ruled that an employee of Ministry of Communications deserves more to be to the position of technical office manager in the ministry’s IT sector than his colleague. The court thereby cancelled the decision taken to appoint his colleague to that post. In a lawsuit filed by Lawyer Ali Al-Ali on behalf of his client (complainant), he explained that his client obtained a degree in Bachelor of Engineering in 1985 and joined the ministry on June 23, 1985. He then gradually worked up the administrative ladders until he was appointed as the project planning supervisor in the IT department. His client received excellent performance results in all performance appraisals throughout his service. However, his client was surprised when the administration issued a decision to appoint his colleague, who has lesser qualifications and experience, to the position, which is a clear violation of the law and regulations especially since his client fulfilled all conditions.

Caught taking bribe: Personnel from the Criminal Investigations Department have arrested a senior official of the Kuwait Municipality for blackmailing the owner of a restaurant in Ardhiya, reports Al-Anba daily. According to a security source the arrest came after the mandoub representing the restaurant in his complaint said he applied for the renewal of the licence of the restaurant and the Municipal inspector said he wanted to inspect the premises. During inspection, the official cited many violations against the restaurant and said if he wanted him to overlook these violations, the owner will have to pay KD 2,000 ‘bribe’. A trap was then set for the man and he was caught red-handed while receiving the bribe money.

By Jaber Al-Hamoud Al-Seyassah Staff

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