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Loss of Driving License after designation change – What to do next

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I came to Kuwait in Feb 2016 and I took driving licence in Nov 2016 with engineer designation and KD 400 salary. I changed to new company in Dec 2018 with new designation as technician and this resulted in cancellation of my driving licence from MoI (I personally went and checked in Muroor with my Civil ID)

Am I eligible to reapply for new driving licence as my salary in KD 750 now? in addition I got entry of 3 years from 2016 with engineering certificate in my hands. Requesting your advice on this.

Name withheld

Answer: At the time that you applied and were granted the driving licence, you did not satisfy the salary and duration of stay criteria for being granted a licence. This means that you were exempted from meeting the above criteria by virtue of your ‘engineer’ designation. It was therefore logical and legal that when you changed your designation, you lost your driving licence.

However, with your new salary (KD 750 and 3-year stay in Kuwait, you can reapply for a new driving licence. But remember that being granted a driving licence is not automatic but a prerogative of the Traffic Department which can still deny you a licence despite satisfying all criteria.

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