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Friday , January 22 2021

Losing link with the past


Kuwait is the only capital in the world where Kuwaitis do not live, especially after the Al-Sawaber residential complex was evacuated and demolition has begun.

This is an uncivilized and abnormal situation. In an initiative that is not strange to the lovers of this land, two young men, Faisal Al-Majali and Muhammad Saleh Al-Adwani, supported by an amazing group of engineers and environmentalists, commissioned a lawyer with their own money to file a lawsuit to stop the demolition of the complex for the following reasons:

  1. Al-Sawaber complex is one of the main landmarks of the capital city. It is classified within the modern and unique architectural heritage. It covers an area of 245,000 sqm and consists of 33 buildings with 524 apartments, 236 meters each. The complex also has cafes, car parks, shopping malls, stores, a kindergarten, two schools, a clinic, recreational areas and more.
  2. The project is originally classified within the heritage buildings covered by an Amiri decree. The decision to demolish it was earlier opposed by offi- cials from the urban and environmental activists and a third on the heritage and culture.
  3. Keeping and rehabilitation of the project on its status will restore the legitimacy of the capital, and its inhabitants.
  4. Al Sawaber Complex is the first residential building of its kind in the Arabian Peninsula and has been classified as a cultural heritage by international organizations.
  5. Demolition will be a tangible material and great cultural and architectural loss and a waste of irreplaceable heritage.
  6. Most importantly, the removal of this complex will result in nothing in the absence of any government vision as to what should be established in its place and therefore the sole beneficiary of the demolition, as rumored, is the demolition contractor who was seemingly assigned in a wrong manner.

We are tired of hearing and seeing all this apparent crime committed daily and openly against the environment, the heritage and the history of this country for a handful of dinars.

All of Kuwait has disappeared except for a few buildings and offices here and there, and we have lost the link with our beautiful past. We hope that this did not happen deliberately.

The image of the capital of the state is bleak (ugly) in its general appearance and its space is distorted by many desolate buildings and derelict sites for decades, not to mention the vast, dusty and empty landscape without anything but car parks and stray dog shelters.

The capital of the country deserves serious and quick attention, and the municipality performs its duty in the appropriate manner and the funds are available, as well as the schemes, and those who want to invest are many, and it is only a matter of decision.

The demolition of the wonderful complex will add another ruin, and create other dusty areas, so it is necessary to stop the demolition, expedite rehabilitation and re-accommodate thousands of citizens in need of adequate housing in the apartments.

I contacted the opposing youth and offered them all assistance – materially and morally, until their efforts to stop the demolition of the complex succeed.

By Ahmad Al-Sarraf
e-mail: habibi.enta1@gmail.com

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