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Monday , September 26 2022

Look into the real problems – ‘First things first’

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Ahmad Al-Sarraf
Former member of the National Assembly Khalid Al-Sultan, a member of the political group ‘Thawabet Al-Umma’ lived a free life all along and we wish him a very long life. There is no enmity between us and him, and all but respect.

Al-Sultan decided to change — and this is his right — and become one of the Salafist leaders. We cannot stand against his decision. All what we can say is he has already enjoyed the pleasures of life.

But it seems the years he spent studying in America has had a backlash on him of late and that perhaps made him more rigorous in many religious and political views, and some of those reflect in his recent tweets.

He tweeted, ‘No obedience to a creature in disobedience to the Creator’. The so-called false Opera House has been turned into a nightclub for singers where people sing with loud voices until late hours while orders are issued to ‘close’ the minarets of the mosques.

In another tweet he said ‘Our country at the moment witnesses internal and external risks, and we do what angers the Lord Almighty. We do not hear anyone denouncing about what is going on in the nightclub, the so-called Opera House, where the activity is illegal and unconstitutional’.

We will respond briefly to the tweets of Al-Sultan and say: “You enjoyed in various types of arts and music throughout your life, and those who know you well know how much you were interested in them, and that God blessed you with repentance, and this is nice, but I would like to ask you why you do not want someone else to be interested in those arts and music as well, and gets to repent later? Why you did that and deny it to others?”

Opera House a small project within the cultural center that organizes one or two events a month, does this mean it has been turned into a nightclub? If we assume that the nightclub is a place that distracts people from religion, does reading newspapers and writing tweets and posting them not also distance people from religion?

You say the activity at the opera house is illegal and unconstitutional, and here we ask: What legal and constitutional basis have you applied to pass your judgment?

In this context, what is your opinion about the fine arts exhibitions which run throughout the year, and galleries were statues are displayed and the weekly artistic activities at the House of Islamic Antiquities, and thousands of films shown in dozens of cinemas !

Since when the Salafi movement, in particular, is interested in the laws and the constitutional material made by men, while the movement originally refused to participate in the elections of such laws and material, and then changed its position and today describe the opera house as illegal and unconstitutional?

If we assume that the opera house is a nightclub and therefore must, according to the Salafi perspective, efforts should be exerted to shut it down, it means, on the basis of ‘First things first’, means closing it down is much more important than addressing the issue of the thefts of millions of dinars, administrative failures, putting the interests of citizens on the backburner, the deterioration of education and economic stalemate and other serious priorities, that have not been looked into.

It looks like we have no other problem to compare with the problem of the Opera ‘nightclub’.

We are tired of the superficial issues that divert our attention from real problems.

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By Ahmad Al-Sarraf