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Long-awaited parliamentary intervention …

BADER Al-Humaidi – a new parliamentarian – calmed the conscience of many of the Kuwaitis who were murmuring about a certain issue that they were either afraid or shy to indulge in out of respect for the head of one of the most top sovereign bodies, the Amiri Diwan.

People indulged in talking among themselves about the mindblowing cost of the projects executed by the officials of the Amiri Diwan, and their failure to comply with the applicable laws and procedures in this regard.

It is true that these projects were amazing and restored some joy on the face of the country; for instance projects like the Shaheed Park, Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Center, Abdullah Al-Salem Center, Jahra Hospital, and others.

Those who are known to complain had put half the blame on those who were entrusted by the law to establish and rebuild those centers, namely the Ministry of Public Works, the Kuwait Municipality, and the Ministry of Information. Their ministers looked dumbfoundedly at these mega projects, which were built in the best way and image, and stood powerlessly, which is justifiable by the fear of their chairs.

Those responsible for this in the Amiri Diwan and those who carried out these projects without any legal basis and supervision were hiding behind a legal text that did not apply at all to what they did and continue to do.

They were hiding behind the head of the state, the Amir, the builder of its renascence, according to article No. 54 of the constitution to which everyone in this land resort.

The article mentions explicitly and without multiple interpretations that, “The Amir is the Head of the State. His entity is safeguarded and inviolable”. Also, article No. 55 stipulates that, “The Amir shall exercise his powers through his Ministers”.

Violators of the state’s laws in effect were entrenched behind the provision of the Amiri immunity, which the people respected, appreciated, and applied with love and appreciation for their beloved late Amir. However, article No. 55 of the constitution addressed that aspect.

Therefore, distancing the Amir from any accountability, the article states that he executes his powers through his ministers.

This is what the violators of the state’s laws missed, and they ramped up corruption through these laws, until one of the cleanest MPs who came through December 5 elections started to turn the pages of a file, which until now was closed, not because of the trust that those in charge of the file enjoyed, but out of respect for the one whom they were serving (May Almighty Allah have mercy on his soul).

Nonetheless, now that the ball is in the court of Anas Al-Saleh, the Deputy Prime Minister and the State Minister for Cabinet Affairs, we hope to hear a response as soon as possible, which is within a month as per the concerned laws. We also hope that the response will in detail answer the question of MP Al-Humaidi by clearing those involved, and also make us apologize to them for mistrusting them – we thank Allah for the good relationship that unites us with them.


By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil

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