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Thursday , August 18 2022

Lolo’s Bowlers pluck Green Apples, COZMO shame TGIF

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UNIMONI slump Pin Pals

Al-Qwassem Team

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 6: On the seventh week of the on-going Philippine Bowling Association in Kuwait Tenpin Bowling Tournament dubbed 2018 Elite Challenge Cup held at COZMO Entertainment and Bowling Center in Keifan, COZMO Lane Specialists there were no change in ranking from top to bottom only difference in points.

The teams that posted victory were Lolo’s Bowlers, COZMO Lane Specialists, UNIMONI Exchange, and Al-Qwassem while Swooping Eagles played bye. Lolo’s Bowlers snapped the winning streak of Green Apples (2,835- 2,737) but did not affect the standing only lessen the difference being number four and five in ranking. In the first two games of their collision the Lolo’s Bowlers harvested the green apple fruits without resistance from the Strikers 886-858 and 1,000-878.

But in the third game, the farm owner was awaken in deep sleep and immediately call the attention of the supervisor and gave relief to the team members and accosted the trespassers 1,001-924 but too late to overpower the invaders. Lolo’s top harvester was Bima Nitikusumo (480) assisted by Rocky Castil (477), Cris Carungay (465), Abel Nitikusumo (443), Leila Cervantes (222) and Reygan Percy (147) while Green Apples Strikers were Gener Calingasan (442), Imelda Calingasan (435), Mohammad Othman (385), Alex Cervantes (259), Jhon Narvasa (255), Adilfo Prena (201) and Jocelyn Barros (129).

The top rank COZMO Lane Specialists cut the red carpet path of the TGIF Strikers 2,936-2,751 and stopped the registered victory by four consecutive weeks. For the win COZMO won the “Team No. 1 Position for Seven Consecutive Weeks” with free lane fees for seven weeks as its prize. Also, snatching the high individual high games for Mens’ Class A and B and the individual high average for Mens’ Class A. COZMO fielded only four players namely Noe Mahayag with his high scores of 167, 201 and 245 (613); followed by Bader Malalah (560), Ronell Valencia (534), Lito Michael (501), and Ely Ebrada (126) while TGIF bowlers were Moises Amahan (493), Mar Evangelista (483), Joel Tizon (461), Rene Marzan (282), Eddie Pena (263), Sam Behbehani (191) and Pilar Patula (117).

UNIMONI Exchange continued its fourth consecutive weeks winning streak demolishing the league tailenders SKARZ, 979-950, 971-859, 923-869 (2,898-2,678). The Exchange King played with only four bowlers, Sonia Mathews (577), Rashid Ali (557), Rudy de Lima (498) and Neveen Wasel (455) while SKARZ 5-man team were Amaldo Fernandes (487), Lionel Mendes (478), Melwin Isaac (474), Eden Danan (364) and Fatima Fernandes (311). Al-Qwassem team outscored another puny team the Pin Pals (2,718-2,615).

In the first and third game, the on-off team of Abu Fadel outplayed the Indian team 896- 855 and 941-821 while Pin Pals taste a victory in second game 939-856. Al-Qwassem top pointer was Ibrahim Al Jadi (546), Hassan Al Qassem (501), Fadel Al Qassem (476), Yousef Al Qassem (453) and Saleh Faraj (430) while Pin Pals bowlers were Raj Reddy (476), Allan Fernandes (460), Agnello Fernandes (383), Diego Camilo (376), Avinash Mathew (256) and Neeta Fernandes (107), Finally, the Swooping Eagles played bye and the players were Riz Roque (442), Jessica Balagat (423), Darrell Sullivan (397), Alonzo Bush (358) and Mona Corpuz (298).

In another development, in the just concluded tournament hosted by COZMO Entertainment and Bowling Center in Keifan dubbed “COZMO Winter Challenge Tournament” the Group 2 top 5 contenders were almost members of PBAK namely Ali Jawli (1,489), Yousef Al Qassem (1,496), Omar Sagran (1,498), Sonia Mathews (1,500) and Aji Varghese (1,569). In Match 1, the antagonists were Ali (157), Yousef (174) and Omar (234) where Omar beat the other two.

In Match 2, Omar challenge Sonia but failed and Sonia had the right to challenge Aji for a twice to beat scenario. Match 3, Sonia (210) won the first match over Aji (156) but failed in the second round 162-159. The rankings were as follows: Aji Varghese – Champion, Sonia Mathews – First runner-up, Omar Saqran – Second runner-up, Yousef Al Qassem – Third runner-up and Ali Jawli – Fourth runner- up. Congratulations to the winners. Meanwhile, in the individual best, in Individual High Game, in Mens’ Class A, COZMO’s Noel Mahayag snatched from his teammate Ronell Valencia (245-235); also in Class B, Bader Malalah of COZMO grabbed from his teammate Lito Michael (236- 232); Class C, Avinash Mathew of Pin Pals (222) and in Ladies Class A, UNIMONI Exchange’s Sonia Mathews bettered her old score 213- 212 and in LB, Mona Corpuz (186).

In the Individual High Average, in Mens’ Class A, COZMO’s Ibrahim Al Jadi stole from Fadel Al Qassem (185.4-187.3); Mens’ Class B, Rashid Aker Ali grabbed from Yousef Al Qassem (180- 180.9); Class C, Mohammad Othman (174.3), and in Ladies A, Sonia Mathews (188.3) and Ladies B, Imelda Calingasan (154.1).

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