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Local transfer for project visa

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My friend had come to Kuwait on normal Article 18 Visa to one of the biggest retail companies in Middle East; however he completed 4 years and then transferred the residency to another company which was in Mubarak Al-Kabeer (small project), he completed 21/2 months (during probation) and got a better job opportunity in another big company in Kuwait. Can he transfer his residency to a big project? He entered Kuwait on a big project and have a Bachelors degree too, please advise.

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Answer: Since the transfer to the current company was a local one, your friend should have no difficulty in asking for transfer to another company whether small or big project. The mandatory one year service to be offered before asking for a release under local transfer, is not applicable to your friend since he holds a university degree. The type of visa that one first entered Kuwait with is also taken into consideration when visa transfers are being effected. This means that since your friend is now holding a small project visa, he cannot be barred from transferring to a big project company since he first entered Kuwait under a big project visa.

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