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Loan shark continues to withdraw money from bank account

First of all, I would like to thank you for your noble service regarding legal advice to the desperate people.

I borrowed KD 2,000 from my friend for an emergency situation by agreeing to pay KD 2,000 extra for the borrowed money — KD 200 every month for a period of 20 months.

My friend took my debit card and kept withdrawing money regularly from my account — every month KD 200.

There were no written agreement between us. The capital amount of KD 2,000 was paid in the first 10 months and in the 11th month I was not able to pay KD 200 because of some unfortunate situation back in my country.

And again from the 12th month onwards, the payment was regular until last month but this time the amount withdrawn is KD 240 instead of KD 200. Now I have repaid the full KD 2,000 + KD 2,040 as interest for these 19 months, total KD 4,040.

Now the problem is because I did not pay for the 11th month my friend says the verbal agreement of paying KD 200 for 20 months was cancelled and so far what I paid is only the interest for the capital amount and he wants me to again pay KD 2,000 and until I pay that amount he will continue taking KD 240 from my bank every month. I am really struggling with this matter and request your advice.

Name withheld

Answer: You have run into a real loan shark who will keep bleeding you until you have no more money. So, as you say, there was no written agreement and he continues to fleece you – although you have returned all the money, and more.

Well, first of all tell him straight away that you will not pay him any more and ask him to return your bank card.

If he refuses to accept your request, first go to the bank and ask them to cancel your card and issue you a new one.

Secondly, file a case against this “friend” of yours with the police. Tell them everything, without leaving anything out.

The law in Kuwait is against ‘loan sharks” and your friend could face serious legal consequences, including being arrested and deported from Kuwait.

These are the only options you have, so act fast before you end up paying another huge amount. The main thing for you is not to be afraid of your “friend” as you have not committed any crime — in fact he is the one who is doing so.

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