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Living pleasures of old age – Blessing in disguise

Ahmad Al-Sarraf
Those who know life well are quite aware that every age has its beauty and its advantage and splendor. These words are of course addressed to those who have crossed 60 or 70. Young people cannot be compared to the age they have not yet reached but perhaps they can benefit from my words to prepare for the future.

There is no doubt a younger person is much better than an elderly. People in their twenties or thirties or even forties and fifties can do what cannot be done by those in their sixties, seventies and eighties.

When we are in the prime of our youth, we seek pleasures of life as much as we can but this does not mean that once when we grow old, life becomes boring or bad or cruel.

When we get old, we can get many pleasures and countless joys, but they are just different from the pleasures of childhood and youth.

The pleasure of reading a wonderful novel in the age of twenty or thirty cannot be measured by the same joy when we read it, for example, at the age of seventy.

The accumulation of experiences and capabilities usually give the reader of the same novel — when he is in the seventies — the ability to understand and see things which one would not see in young age.

The pleasure of listening to classical music or spending happy moments with close friends at the age of twenty is not the same as when we are in mid-sixties, or even in later years.

The echo of the voice of Maria Callas to the ears of young people may not be the same as it would be to elderly people. The same applies to a delicious meal or watching a documentary film, or looking at family or historical photos, or listen to ‘nostalgia’ songs that takes the elderly people years and years back in time.

The joy of coexistence with others in old age, and acceptance of the differences of others, either religious, political, ideological or taste, and enjoying the company of strangers, entering into the experience of listening to their music and visiting their countries, eating their food, and mixing with them, and many others, make life more beautiful and richer.

The family relationships in old age become meaningful. Meeting the beloved one becomes beautiful. These are the feelings of the young who are in a hurry to build families and raise children and to ensure their future.

As my friend Sa’oud says: ‘Friendships and cigars become more valuable with time.’

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By Ahmad Al-Sarraf

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