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Monday , December 10 2018

Light shed on signs of hope over Gulf crisis due to Kuwait’s efforts

There is a state of unjustified fear: expert

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 25: During a seminar which was held yesterday by the Arabism current under the title ‘Gulf crisis and its implications on Yemen and the GCC’, the speakers shed light on the signs of hope for a breakthrough due to the mediation efforts of Kuwait, reports Al-Qabas daily.

There are many elements that have made the Gulf crisis difficult and complicated, including the Turkish military presence, the possibility that the US president will not continue in office and the Israeli moves in the region. In this context, Dr Zafer Al-Ajmi said the silence on the Gulf crisis is very hurting but “We in Kuwait have chose to remain neutral upon the wisdom of our leadership.” He pointed out that Kuwait has created a soft force after playing and throughout the Gulf history the role of mediator in regional differences Gulf and the evidences in history are many.

He said Kuwait adopts the same policy until today, especially as the parties to the dispute trust the Kuwaiti mediation, which we hope to be crowned with ‘successes’. Al-Ajmi explained Kuwait plays the role of reconciliation in the interest of the Gulf and the need for convergence among brothers, not to mention trying to protect the unity of the Gulf.

He said if the parties to the dispute stick to their demands and conditions, which has been the case so far, it will make the task of Kuwait more difficult in addition to the media leaks that reached a low level, which we did not expect among the Gulf countries.

On the other hand, Dr Shafiq Al-Ghabra said that there is a state of unjustified fear about everything, whether from the media or the idea or expression or the other opinion, a fear that has become apparent in many countries in the recent period.

He added tampering with the changes will lead to more violence. He pointed out Qatar, according to what happened since the beginning of the Gulf crisis, has activated its military relationship with Turkey, which is something new since the fall of the Ottoman Empire and this cooperation may expand in the future. “Qatar also went to the Kuwaiti mediation and waited for what it would produce and went to Iran to exploit the airspace and rely on its food exports, as well as Turkish markets to meet the requirements of daily life,” Al-Ghabra continued. He added: “We have been witnessing a complex scenario and expect new crises, which may benefit Iran or Turkey. He pointed out Kuwait has followed the approach of moderation derived from balances that have maintained the Kuwaiti relations with everyone reasonably. Fahd Al-Ajmi said that Kuwait is moving positively towards the Gulf crisis and sought a suitable solution that would end the Gulf dispute, adding that “We still hope that the solution of the crisis will be the fruit of the Amir’s efforts.”

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