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Saturday , January 25 2020

Life sentence for selling 400 visas to Expats for KD 1,500 each

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 24 Caught for selling visas to 400 expats for KD 1,500 each a Kuwaiti and an Egyptian businessman were handed a sentence of life imprisonment by Kuwait criminal court, including a Saudi, two Egyptians and a Syrian to three years in jail for human trafficking.

Sentencing comes after case was filed by dozens of workers and Egypt has suspended sending workforce to Kuwait as Visa 18 small projects visas were sold of KD 1500 for 3 yrs by small scale entrepreneurs.

Buying and selling visas is a criminal offense and yet many expats buy visas and are either not provided jobs or just a temporary job of 3 months probation period and later they are forced to look out for jobs in Kuwait market.

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