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Life in turmoil for man in hunt of better future – Egyptian graduate says cheated

KUWAIT CITY, June 21: A young Egyptian university graduate, identified only as N.A.S., claims he was cheated by the owner of an unidentified company who promised him and his family a decent life.

He told the daily he sold everything and even borrowed some money from friends to collect KD 1,700 and gave the money to the owner of a contracting company after he offered him a job with a KD 220 monthly salary. He said he suffered a great deal after discovering he was exploited and cheated by the suspect. He said, not only him, but he put his family in debt.

He told the daily after he arrived in Kuwait he discovered the bitter truth especially the money that he earns is not enough to feed himself and his family back home.

He advises his countrymen not to fall prey to promises of heaven on earth, but to double check on contracts they sign.

The victim who is a graduate of Commerce and Business Administration said he thought of traveling to Kuwait for several reasons, the most important of which was that he had graduated from a well-known university and had been looking for a job that suits his specialization.

He went on to say he paid an equivalent of KD 1,700 to the man who hired him in Egypt and expected to earn a decent salary according to the promises given to him at the time of the interview. He added, after he came to Kuwait he discovered that he was hired to work on a government contract as a digger and the salary of KD 100 is far below his expectations and contrary to what was promised to him at the time of the interview which is paid once every few months.

When asked, why he did not file a complaint with the authorities, he said some people advised him against it. They said, “If I complain, I will be harassed at work because the company has made everyone sign a document something like a promissory note for KD 2,000.” At the moment he says he lives with a relative in Hassawi but life for him and his family back home has become very hard, especially his mother who is sick.

By Najeh Bilal Al-Seyassah Staff

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