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Let’s get out of the box – ‘Change or vanish’

Intisaar Al-Ma’touq

Albert Einstein once said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

I do agree with this German-born theoretical physicist. We have to simplify issues as they should be dealt it without any mistakes that might reflect negatively on what we intended to do.

Let us simplify the professional issue of the bureaucratic ship which has been prevalent for too long and the captain is not even thinking of checking his compass despite his knowledge of the geographical changes in the route.

Who among us do not know about the reward for distinguished works? Everyone knows and looks forward to getting such a reward. We know that an employee should abide by the official working hours, come and leave on time and avoid taking long breaks from work. These are among the top conditions for any candidate to obtain the financial reward which ranges approximately between KD 200 to KD 1,900.

I and many others do not think that abidance by working hours should be considered as an extraordinary task. It is an obligation for each and every employee to adhere to and those who do not comply with this regulation should be punished.

For example, I get a handsome KD 800 reward for distinguished works. However, I think to myself, “Thanks to them but last year I took it and I did not deserve it”. I did not present any extraordinary work such that others were deprived from being honored and getting that financial reward. All I had done was not take long breaks from work and making sure I did not exceed my medical leave!

Seriously, I wish the mechanism of disbursing these rewards is reviewed so that we do not waste more money. I have an idea in mind, which is in line with Einstein’s method — Let’s simplify issues more so that life can be beautiful.

What will happen if we give an employee the option of either getting the financial reward or buying leave balance from the value of the reward for a limit let’s say not exceeding 50 percent? This means the employee can buy their leave from their ministry based on a clear and specific mechanism. The country benefits this way as will the employee.

How can an employee exploit the rewards for distinguished works when his leave balance is zero? In short, the reward for distinguished works should be divided between money and leave balance.

Let’s get out of the cabin, from the box of routines and old decisions in order to draw a new administration map for creating boxes that will befit us. Oh my friends, did you forget? Did you forget that nations were wiped out from the map and yet we do not change? We are moving in a single direction at the same pace without thinking of looking left and right where we perhaps might find easier ways that are so simple that our lives will be made easier and more beneficial.

By Intisar Al-Matouq


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