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Tuesday , December 7 2021

Legislator proposes governorate in South

MP Osama Al- Shaheen

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 18: MP Osama Al-Shaheen has submitted a proposal to establish a new governorate in the South and several other MPs have expressed their willingness to support this move. The South is witnessing major residential, commercial and entertainment projects with Sabah Al-Ahmad City at the center.

In order to promote this area to the job market and the general public, it is vital to establish its own governorate with its own educational and medical districts. The proposed governorate will consist of Sabah Al-Ahmed residential and seafront cities, Al- Khairan Residential City and Al-Wafra which will have independent medical, educational and security districts.

Furthermore, MPs are growing restless over the slow pace of the government in revising pending draft laws since the concerned committees have been unable to move forward in the legislative process.

MP Hamdan Al-Azmi pointed out that the proposed naturalization of Bedouns, the Disability Bill and several other vital bills remain under deliberations in parliamentary committees because the government does not move accordingly. He warned that if this situation continues, one or two interpellation motions should be expected.

He affirmed these interpellation motions will be aimed at rectifying errors, without malicious intent. MPs like Al-Hamdan believe that interpellation is a normal part of politics, frequently witnessed in other parliaments around the world. Unfortunately, the local political arena has yet to be comfortable with this notion, because interpellation is often seen as an attack on the person rather than a corrective maneuver by the legislative body

By Ahmed Al-Naqeeb Arab Times Staff

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