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Lebanon … Hariri solution or ‘burn’

RESIGNED Prime Minister of Lebanon Saad Al-Hariri set the record straight in his interview with ‘Future TV’ on what is supposed to be done in the coming days for Lebanon to avert a situation which is worse than the one ‘Hezb Al-Shaytan’ has dragged it into and the latter’s interference in internal affairs of several Arab countries. This is in addition to being drenched up to the nose in Syrian and Iraqi blood.

On top of these countries are the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of Bahrain, State of Kuwait and Republic of Yemen.

Far from repugnant interpretations of the form of talk and its fine lines, the man (Al-Hariri) did not change the pure Lebanese rhetoric. The positive aftershock caused by his resignation affirmed that if there is any role to be played, it is for those who dragged Lebanon into this ongoing crisis and embarrassed him and his political team, up to a point where he decided to leave his calm demeanor in order to work on remedying the situation and awkward position that his country cannot bear at all.

Al-Hariri pinpointed the road map which will either head towards internal reorganization, keeping off the regional events which are beyond Lebanon and preventing the country from drinking the bitter cup of the situation; or head towards preparations that the international coalition is doing calmly, far from the limelight in order to reach cauterization as a solution. This is no longer a secret and it will be similar to what led to uprooting ‘DAESH’.

As usual, Hassan Nasrallah is miscalculating if he excludes the possibility of war, or rather; he is forced to do so in order to reduce pressure from the shock and attempt to absorb it. Nevertheless, the reality is that the element of war is ready, although the doors for remedying the situation have yet to be closed.

The United States of America has not forgotten its ‘marines’ who were killed in Lebanon in 1983; in the same manner that the European Union, South American countries or African Union are not ready to bear the brunt of intercontinental terrorism practiced by ‘Hezbollah’ under the orders of Iran.

Also, Gulf Cooperation Council countries, headed by Saudi Arabia, can no longer tolerate the terrorist operations and criminal interferences of the ‘Hezb’. As Al-Hariri said five times: “It is true that Saudis love Beirut, but they will not love it more than Riyadh.”

The repetition of that phrase for five times is a connotation of the politics which Nasrallah is supposed to understand and adhere to, together with the remainder of his group if they really want to, at least, preserve their ‘Lebanesm’.

Arabs and majority of the Lebanese have fully realized that the main objective of Nasrallah since the inception of his group is to make Lebanon an Iranian State; let alone the fact that the group has never hidden its struggle towards what is known as an Islamic State with the characteristics of Iran’s revolution.

This means getting rid of Lebanese social diversity and ensuring that its main political system is derived from Iran’s constitution which is based on the principle of ‘Twelver’ Shia imams, which hits the essence of this country and opens doors for endless civil wars.

Therefore, if the ‘Hezb’ retracted from mentioning this issue, its practices on the ground and hijacking of the authority of the State were heading towards achieving the goal by taking advantage of new data on two civil wars — Syrian and Iraqi, as well as the demographical changes in both countries.

Without a doubt, ‘Hezbollah’ knows that majority of the Lebanese Shias do not support this objective because they refuse to be the fuel of a war that they are not interested in. Moreover, Lebanon will pay the price through the lives of its people and their sustenance, in addition to its relations with the remaining Lebanese social calibers.

Definitely, the Lebanese Shias do not support the idea of bearing the responsibility for Iran’s scheme in the region. If the scheme is implemented, the Shias in Lebanon will become second class citizens due to the huge bill they will end up paying as a result of the ventures of ‘Hezb Al-Shaytan’.

Hence, Al-Hariri — the one who is responsible for all Lebanese irrespective of their diverse sects — pointed out that the resignation was not out of the cuff, as it was a well-studied move and this includes all the words in it as confirmed by his statement.

This is due to the fact that he is striving to prevent war on his country. Although ‘Hezbollah’ will get punished, such punishment will affect the Lebanese regardless of their differences. This is the reason why he will not stand with his hand crossed just to observe what his country is going through.

It is clear that the positive shock caused by Al-Hariri’s resignation is still at the early stage. Undoubtedly, a surgical operation will follow. Perhaps, it will be a peaceful movement like the one that expelled the Syrian military from Lebanon in 2005. It will not end until the ‘Hezbollah’ is disarmed and withdrawn from countries where it has been committing massacres and planting terrorist cells.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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