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Wednesday , June 29 2022

Leaders of exploiting factions, treachery experts of Palestine

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Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

THE Palestinian incitement and disavowal issued after the Ramallah-Beirut joint meeting concerning the Gulf positions historically supportive of them did not come as a surprise.

It instead is a disguise of the grim and hideous faces that the factions have hidden behind in order to keep their investment and extortion of the Palestinian suffering since 1948, in the accumulation of personal fortunes for their leaders.

We have not witnessed a real struggle, at least in the last 55 years, and all that we have seen was tourism in Arab blood and distancing of those factions from Palestine in favor of regimes that worked to exploit them for implementing subversive plans and adventures throughout the Arab world.

That is why when the Gulf Cooperation Council countries demanded an official apology from the Palestinian leadership for the output of that meeting, they are actually seeking to maintain the last frameworks that could serve the cause, which is the pursuit of a two-state solution in accordance with the Arab initiative approved by the Beirut summit. It is mainly based on failure to proceed in the unknowns of the adventures of Palestinian authorities that turned their back on the historical rights of their Palestinian people and instead rushed for foggy settlements in order to preserve the positions of the leaders who used about 20 fronts and farmer organizations to trade their cause.

There is a fact that these people hide, which was what one of the Vietnamese leaders highlighted to them when he visited Beirut in the 1970s to witness the Palestinian experience in the resistance after they had taken Beirut as their headquarters. He saw the luxurious offices and residences, and the elegant suits worn by these people. He received knowledge of their touristic trips and that they frequent gambling halls for fun.

After witnessing all of that, the Vietnamese leader said, “You will not liberate Palestine because you have given up the trenches to live in palaces”.

The prophecy of that leader has been fulfilled, as the Palestinian officials are living the lives of the wealthy, instead of the life of caves and camps, similar to what happened in the Vietnamese revolution, which managed to defeat the French and American colonialists within 30 years.

Today, when a group of these people cry over the “Abraham” agreement between the United Arab Emirates and Israel, and some of them flout to the point of challenging the Gulf stances, they realistically bemoan the loss of a source of financial support, as is the case with Ismail Haniyeh, who arrived in Beirut from Ankara with instructions from Erdogan to launch provocative armed demonstrations.

It reminded the Lebanese of the tragedies that the Palestine Liberation Organization had put them under when it ruled their country after ruining it. It had sparked popular resentment, and as a result, the leader of Hamas drank the milk of lions, especially after his meeting with the most prominent terrorist Hassan Nasrallah to issue threats against Israel. No voice was heard from the Strip, which turned into hell for about two million Palestinians living in a large prison.

We in Kuwait were not surprised by these attitudes. We reported their ungratefulness in 1990 when the Palestinians fought alongside the Saddamist invasion forces. They forgot that the Fatah Movement was born on this land, which served as its headquarters with its leader Yasser Arafat. Some of them even published advertisements in Jordanian newspapers asking for Kuwaiti maid and driver in an attempt to mock Kuwaitis.

All this wailing and noise can no longer provoke the Arab people who are weary of Palestinian blackmail. Rather, there is a conviction among a large segment of these people that the conflict is no longer Arab-Israeli, but rather Palestinian-Israeli disputes over secondary points.

If the Palestinians really want to liberate their land, let them fight in the Vietnamese way. Let them fight their war from their lands, instead of betraying the Arab people and countries. And when they believe in themselves, we will believe them.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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