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Lawyer detained 21 days in ‘false news’ on doctor – Appeal dismissed

KUWAIT CITY, July 24: The Public Prosecution has ordered the detention of Lawyer Hani Hussein for 21 days for investigations over a case filed against him for allegedly posting false news related to a Bangladeshi doctor.

Previously, the prosecution had probed Lawyer Hussein, who denied all charges leveled against him.

He was mainly accused of posting on social media about a fake doctor of Bangladeshi nationality working in Ministry of Health.

The prosecution stated that investigations are being conducted in total secrecy for the benefit of the public, affirming that a case has been filed against the lawyer in order to protect the reputation and integrity of doctors and other medical professionals in this country.

Lawyer Hani Hussein has been referred to the Central Prison.

Appeal dismissed: The Court of Cassation has dismissed an appeal submitted by the previous board of directors of a joint-stock company on a verdict issued by the Court of Appeals for the return of legal fees worth KD 2 million which the board had paid unjustly to a lawyer.

The Court of Appeals issued its verdict on a case filed by the company against the previous board members for the return of the money paid to the lawyer.

The lawsuit was filed by Lawyer Ali Al-Attar on behalf of the company. As per the lawsuit, the company based its case on the fact that the amount paid to the lawyer was not sanctioned and is thus illegal, as the legal work of the lawyer did not serve the interests of the company and its shareholders, but served the board members in their conflict with their opponents in managing the affairs of the company.

The company considered the payment of this huge amount as mismanagement by the previous board, insisting that the board should be held accountable for violating the law, and the rights of the company and its shareholders.

‘No error in op’: Civil Circuit at the Court of First Instance dismissed lawsuit a Kuwaiti lady filed against a private hospital for medical and psychological damages she suffered due to medical error, alleging a doctor who performed abdominoplasty procedure (tummy tuck) on her committed error, and she underwent a number of surgeries to correct it.

However, expert report indicated the surgery was performed after careful examination of the patient’s medical condition, and the doctor committed no medical error.

In defense of the private hospital, Lawyer Khawla Al-Hasawi argued that no medical mistakes were committed, according to the medical report. She implored the court to dismiss the lawsuit, insisting it’s based on a false claim.

By Jaber Al-Hamoud

Al-Seyassah Staff



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