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Lawmakers react to likely Cabinet picks – Focus on Jerusalem

Several members of Parliament expressed their solidarity with families of those sentenced to jail for storming the legislative building. The MPs made the statement during a sit-in organized by families of the inmates in front of the Parliament building. The families expressed their disappointment over the government and asked the parliamentarians to shoulder their responsibility in securing the release of those who were jailed on an issue which is categorized as political.

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 10: National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim adjourned Sunday the special session for discussing national unity and reconciliation due to lack of quorum and absence of the government. Earlier, members of executive and legislative authorities were invited to a special session on Sunday in accordance with Article 72 of the Rules of Procedure and in response to the request of 15 MPs to discuss internal and external factors affecting national unity, security and the internal front.

In a related development, MP Khalid Al- Otaibi expressed deep regret that the government did not attend the special session. He disclosed, “We were in the session hall, hoping the government will change its mind and prepare for discussion of issues prioritized by the people of Kuwait.” He stressed the lawmakers will not give up their right to hold a special session to tackle national unity and reconciliation, affirming they will submit another request to hold the special session.

Meanwhile, MP Mohammed Al-Huwailah said he submitted a request to hold a special session on Wednesday to discuss the repercussions of America’s decision to relocate its embassy to Jerusalem. He urged the government to attend the session to deal with the issue properly, indicating this decision is unacceptable. He argued the decision violates Security Council resolutions and international covenants, stressing the need to support Palestine through a firm stance until the decision is repealed.

Commenting on the structure of the new government leaked by unofficial media, several lawmakers expressed disappointment over the names published as new Cabinet members. Some MPs consider such names an indication of non-cooperation with the Assembly, while others expect crisis and early elections.

Formation MP Riyadh Al-Adsani said the prime minister still has a chance to reconsider formation of the government. He warned against choosing government members based on personal or electoral interests, asserting he is keen on stopping such malpractices.

MP Mohammed Haif denounced the exclusion of ministers who cooperated with the Assembly and played a positive role in the administration of their ministries. He added the return of ministers rejected by majority of the MPs indicates lack of cooperation with the Assembly.

Some unofficial media outlets like Al-Rai daily published the alleged formation of the new government as follows:

■ Sheikh Nasser Sabah Al-Ahmad: First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense

■ Sheikh Sabah Al-Khalid: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs

■ Sheikh Khalid Al-Jarrah: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior

■ Anas Al-Saleh: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs

■ Bakheet Al-Rashidi: Minister of Oil and Electricity

■ Hamed Al-Azmi: Minister of Education and Higher Education

■ Hossam Al-Roumi: Minister of Public Works and Municipality

■ Fahd Al-Afasi: Minister of Justice and Awqaf

■ Adel Al-Jarallah: Minister of State for National Assembly Affairs

■ Nayef Al-Hajraf: Minister of Finance

■ Basil Al-Sabah: Minister of Health

■ Mohammed Al-Jabri: Information Minister

■ Janan Bushehri: Minister of Housing and Services

■ Khalid Al-Roudhan: Minister of Commerce and Industry

■ Hind Al-Sabeeh: Minister of Social Affairs and State Minister for Economic Affairs.

The structure and work mechanism of the new government will determine success or failure of its relationship with the legislative authority; hence, the need to learn from past mistakes and there should be changes in the way it works, not just the names of its members, says MP Mohammed Al-Dalal.

He warned that continuing the previous approach of the government will yield negative results and it will just be another case of history repeating itself. He also unveiled his plan to hold the incoming finance minister politically accountable within two months of forming the new government in case of delayed submission of the economic reform document to the Parliament. He accused the previous government of delaying the economic reform document for a year without justification.

By Abubakar A. Ibrahim Arab Times Staff

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