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Late Kuwaiti Al-Muhailan chosen as Personality of 2nd Kuwait Cinema Festival

Festival to focus on national production

Assistant Secretary-General for Culture at NCCAL Dr Issa Al-Ansari and Artistic Director of the Second Kuwait Film Festival, Fatima Al-Hussainan during the press conference.

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 10, (KUNA): The late Kuwaiti media personnel, Abdullah Al-Muhailan, is chosen Personality of the Second Kuwait Cinema Festival due on Oct 15-19 His honoring depicts faithfulness to a generation of Kuwaiti media and artistic figures who have given a lot for the country’s culture, arts and letters, said Issa Al-Ansari, the assistant secretary general for culture at the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters (NCCAL), speaking at a news conference, today.

Fatma Al-Husainan, the festival technical manager, indicated that the festival would focus on national production, noting that the competition would involve 20 short feature films and five long movies. Tawfic Al-Amir, who shot the iconic Kuwaiti movie, “bas ya bahar,” will be honored at the inaugural session. And, the director Hafez Abdulrazzak will be honored for his remarkable works in the 60s, 70s and 80s. Turning to Al-Muhailan’s legacy, she noted his cinematic endeavors in Eritrea, where he shot the film, “Eritrea my homeland,” in 1979. Among Al-Muhailan’s record cinematic works was the movie, “Al-Ghawas (the diver,” in 1976, narrating the Kuwaitis’ long diving history

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