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Kuwait’s meteorological office warns of thundering and showers

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KUWAIT CITY, Nov 19: Kuwait’s meteorological office on Monday warned of an increasing potential for spotty and thundery showers in the coming hours. The rainy conditions are likely to persist until Tuesday with a chance of intermittent downpours at varying intensities, meteorologist Abdulaziz Al-Qarawi told KUNA.

The showers will be accompanied by gusty northwesterly winds at a speed of 15 to 40 kilometers, leading to a six-foot rise in sea levels, he indicated.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) on Monday urged citizens and residents, especially motorists, to be careful about rainy weather conditions. Drivers are urged not to make sudden stops in order to prevent endangering their lives and others’, and to keep a considerable distance between cars on the road, the ministry said in a press statement.

The ministry asked people to call (112) for humanitarian, traffic and security help, calling on sea-goers to call coast guards at (1880888) in case of emergency

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