Thursday , October 18 2018

Kuwait’s Al-Sebagha third in pole vaulting in Asia’s tourney

TEHRAN, Feb 3, (KUNA): The Kuwaiti champion Ali Al-Sebagha ranked third in five-meter pole vaulting as part of Asia’s indoor track and field tournament held in the Iranian capital.

Al-Sebagha, in a statement to KUNA, has granted the record to His Highness the Amir, His Highness the Crown Prince and the Kuwaiti people.

The tournament involves athletes from 22 countries.

The Kazakh vaulter Nikita Filippov came first followed by the Iranian competitor, Mohammad Ban-Adam.

Another Kuwaiti champion, Khaled Al-Sbaiee, will partake in the triple jump competition later today. His fellow citizens, Yusuf Karam, Hmoud Al-Saad, Hamed Sleem and Ibrahim Rmaid, will partake in the relay race in addition to Abdulaziz Al-Mandeel, 60-m hurdles.

The championship which kicked off on Feb 1 would conclude late on Saturday.

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