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Tuesday , February 25 2020

Kuwaitis warned against signing real estate authorization

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 7: A ministerial source has warned citizens against buying and selling of properties through the signing of real estate authorization, which cannot be revoked if the process of registration isn’t complete, reports Al-Rai daily.

This came in reaction to news item published by Al-Rai daily on Tuesday, which revealed the dilemma of a group of housewives who are entitled to housewife salary after selling their houses through the signing of real estate authorization.

The victims discovered that those houses are still registered under their names, which renders them ineligible to receive the deserved housewife salary.

Confirming a study is underway to find a lasting solution to the problem, the source said, “Although the real estate authorization once signed cannot be revoked and prevents the undersigned from any future claim of ownership, the property remains legally and officially recorded under his name”.

He added, “Many houses have been sold several times over the years through real estate authorization and property were transferred from one owner to another but they remain registered under the name of the last owner who registered them”.

He noted the issue constitutes a problem in case of death as it creates issues for their heirs. The source pointed out that some citizens resort to authorization instead of official registration to avoid paying related fees, while in some other cases, Kuwait municipality refrains from issuing description certificate if technical violations are detected in the houses. He reiterated that some citizens prefer authorization, because it’s an expedited process.

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