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Kuwaitis to be hired in Municipal Legal Dept

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Move comes after 15-year suspension

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 14: Minister of Public Works and State Minister for Municipal Affairs Dr Rana Al-Fares has called for the reappointment of Kuwaiti citizens in the Municipal Legal Department under the degree of “Lawyer B”, after a 15-year suspension, reports Al-Anba daily. In a letter addressed to the Minister of Commerce and Industry and State Minister for Economic Affairs Faisal Al-Medlij, Dr Al-Fares indicated that the reappointment process is in line with the government’s approach towards securing public jobs and the importance of enabling national cadres to occupy those jobs.

She attributed the move to article 26 of the Kuwaiti Constitution which stipulates that “Public office is a national service entrusted to those who hold it. Public officials, in the exercise of their duties, shall aim at the public interest. Aliens (foreigners) may not hold public offices except in the cases specified by law” and with the availability of national competencies that have the ability and experience to occupy and fill legal positions.

Dr Al- Fares indicated that the appointment for special jobs in the legal administration was suspended based on the decision issued by the head of the Civil Service Commission on August 13, 2005. She explained that the new appointments are necessary to fill the deficit and meet the competencies of the delegate management through the various controls of the Legal Department, due to the large number of cases that the administration undertakes with all authorities and courts in Kuwait, in addition to the legal opinions it gives to all departments of the executive body, preparing and drafting regulations and decrees related to the municipality’s activity, and conducting investigations of employees therein pursuant to Article 37 of the Municipality Law No. 33/2016.

The minister stressed the need to end the suspension of appointments at the Legal Department and open the door for the appointment procedures at the level of “lawyer B” in accordance with the controls that are prepared and presented to the Civil Service Board for approval pursuant to Article 1 of the Civil Service System Decree, and taking into account the expansion of the controls and requirements for admission due to the long period of suspension of appointment in such positions in order to increase job opportunities for the national cadres

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