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Kuwaitis studying in Egypt decry suffering over financial burdens

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NUKS demands increase in financial allocations

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 12: A number of Kuwaitis studying in Egyptian universities revealed that they are suffering due to their heavy financial burdens, stressing that the government’s financial support covers only a small part of their basic needs, reports Al-Qabas daily. The National Union of Kuwaiti Students (NUKS) in Egypt called on the concerned officials in Kuwait to reconsider the financial allocations granted to Kuwaiti students in Egypt. Vice-President of the union Nawaf Al-Mutairi told the daily that Kuwaiti students in general suffer from the high cost of living and financial obligations every month. Al-Mutairi added that the union, as a representative of the students, demands an increase in financial allocations, including the social allowance, due to the high cost of living in Egypt; where a Kuwaiti student spends an average of KD700 per month as the rent ranges from KD200 to KD300, in addition to tuition fees that should be paid in US dollars for non-Egyptians and other educational services. He explained the Kuwaiti students are also suffering due to the delayed disbursement of their monthly subsidy.

He urged the Education Affairs Committee in the National Assembly to demand for an annual travel ticket allowance and monthly housing allowance for students who shoulder their own expenses, because they pay the universities in addition to their personal expenses, which worsen the suffering of their families. On the other hand, Nawaf Al-Ali, a student at the Faculty of Law, said: “The monthly rent is a huge burden due to the high rental fee, as the cost of renting a small apartment in a medium area is about 7,000 Egyptian pounds; while it exceeds 15,000 Egyptian pounds in high-end areas, which is equivalent to KD300. This is in addition to monthly bills like electricity, gas, public service, cleaning and others which exceed 5,000 Egyptian pounds.” Al-Ali added: “During the past years, Egypt witnessed a remarkable increase in the cost of services, living expenses, university fees and other study related expenses. A Kuwaiti student spends more than KD1,000 per month for his studies. Despite that, government support for Kuwaiti students remained as it is – without any change for quite some time now.”

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