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‘Kuwaitis engaged in over 25 economic activities in private sector are only 4%’

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KUWAIT CITY, Dec 14: Government statistics revealed that Kuwaitis working in more than 25 economic activities in private sector constitute only 4 percent compared to 96 percent of expatriates out of the total 1,734,629 workers.

The recently released statistics indicate only 52 Kuwaitis venture in the petrochemicals sector, 55 in newspapers, 115 in agriculture and fisheries, 140 in electricity and gas industry, 145 in tourism and travel, 154 in forex business and 213 in the insurance sector.

It explained the total number of Kuwaitis working in this sector is 71,013, of which 70,960 are into 25 economic activities, while 53 of them are “not stated”. The number of expatriates working in these activities reach 1,663,616.

The percentage of Kuwaitis employed in banking sector is the highest, constituting 71.8 percent of the total workforce in private sector with 8,988 citizens out of 12,506 expatriates, while the percentage of Kuwaitis is the lowest in the agriculture, fishery and grazing sectors as they do not exceed 0.2 percent, indicating a ratio of 115 nationals to 50,719 expats.

It also said that trade and restaurants sector tops economic activities with the largest number of Kuwaitis compared to other activities, as it registered 26,868 nationals out of 675,279 expats, while petrochemicals and refinery recorded the lowest number of 52 citizens out of a total 1,427 employees in this activity.

It is worth mentioning the statistics included banking activities, finance, investment, exchange, real estate, insurance, business services, communication, petrochemical, refinery, manufacturing, agriculture, hunting, private schools of all kinds, nurseries, hotels, tourism, travel, aviation, freight, mines, quarries, construction, transportation, storage, hospitals, electricity, gas, trade, restaurants, social services, newspapers, and cooperative societies.

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